Knee Pain

I had pain in both knees and legs even after having them both operated on. I received acupuncture from Esly. I limped to the first treatment but after when I stood up and walked there was no limping and no pain. I walked and felt better than I had in five years. I would say to anyone with pain: try acupuncture because it works. Thank you Esly.



Car Accident, Foot Injury

I recently started seeing Esly Caldwell for acupuncture because I was in a car accident and ended up injuring my foot. I am a collegiate cross-country runner, so running on a banged up foot didn’t do great things for me. I ended up severely bruising my 2nd metatarsal and severely straining my tendons and ligaments. It set me back about 6 weeks after being in the best shape of my life.

Before I saw Esly, I was seeing a chiropractor and muscle activation therapist, but something seemed to be missing. They were helping, just not fast enough. So, they recommended me to see an acupuncturist. I found out about Esly through a friend, and ever since I started getting treated by him my foot has healed extremely fast. Within 3 treatments, I was basically pain free. He has helped me tremendously with my running and overall health. He got me eating better, which I am seeing the benefits of everyday.

Every time I see him, I instantly feel better once I get up off the table. I highly recommend acupuncture to my fellow athletes because it helps keep you injury free. Bottom line, if your meridians are off your game will be off. Thanks a lot, Esly!!!



Pain from Surgery

I had an ulnar nerve release and transposition surgery on my elbow 4 years ago and have been in excruciating pain ever since, until I found Esly Caldwell. The surgery was not a success and only made the pain worse. I developed a neurological condition called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Type I or RSD (nerve pain), which also causes swelling and muscle spasms along with constant pain. I tried several medications, nerve blocks, and physical therapy and was left with the option of a spinal cord implant to control the pain, which terrified me.

It was suggested by my doctors that I try acupuncture. I have been working with Esly, my miracle worker, for 8 months now. He had a huge challenge of “relieving and repairing” 4 years of neuropathic pain. He is very compassionate and listens and was ready to help me with my pain. Esly researched the best way to treat me since my left elbow cannot be touched and came up with a plan.

I am happy to report my pain levels went from a 9 and 10 to a 4 or 5 and sometimes even a 3. The swelling in my arm and hand has decreased and the muscle spasms rarely occur. I seldom use pain medicine. Esly has taught me a lot about relaxation and how stress affects pain. I am able to enjoy a better quality of life now thanks to Esly!




Recently I was struck with a debilitating migraine complete with nausea, smell, light and sound sensitivity. Luckily, Esly was available to give me acupuncture. Within minutes the nausea went away and after thirty the pain was in a tolerable range. One hour after the treatment my headache was completely gone. Since then, when I have felt a migraine coming on, I have had more treatments to keep them away.

I would much rather have a few needles in my head for a few minutes than to take the medicine and deal with the side effects.




My husband and I had battled infertility for 4 years with no successful pregnancies when I started seeing Esly for acupuncture.

Prior to acupuncture we were seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and underwent many expensive and stressful procedures that never resulted in pregnancy. At one time I was told “you will never conceive on your own.”

I had acupuncture treatments on a regular basis with Esly for 2 months and am very happy to say I’m 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby!

During my visits with Esly I not only received the benefits of acupuncture, but I found that he was very educated about diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, and truly has a wonderful spirit of expertise and caring. He also is a great resource for community programs such as yoga, etc.

Esly has a very calming manner in which he practices and is very thorough in his treatment. Acupuncture has been a blessing for me and not only would I recommend this for infertilty/gynecologic problems, but for numerous other conditions as well. It is one of many alternative options for treating conditions besides prescription medications and western medicine therapies.